A Peek Inside my Filofax

Hi guys, welcome back

Today I am going to talk about the actual planner I use on a daily basis.

The planner I am using now is a Filofax Classic Croc in what is called the personal compact size. It is a beautiful blue colour and makes me very happy.


I have been using a planner for many many years. I don’t know why I originally started using one. Probably because I saw my mom with one, but I have always had a addiction to stationary.

This particular planner has many awesome details. It has a full length pocket in the back, two full length pockets on either cover, a gusseted zipper pocket on the left and 7 card slots on the right. It also has 15mm rings to put pages and pages of loveliness in.


Now let’s talk about all the loveliness that is inside mine. We will start with the pages.

Firstly, I have some small list pad paper that I have trimmed and punched to put disposable lists on. By that I mean, any list I do not need to hang on to. Grocery’s, daily tasks, and the likes.


After that is my personal section. Here I have some lovely emails from my fiance, then I have an insert I designed for tracking and listing communications that I need to make. I am really bad at keeping up with phone calls and such. This insert really helps me remember. I have included my gratitude log in this section to. It is a list that I have started to make sure I don’t take my fiance for granted. (More on that another day). I have important work and medical phone numbers as well as a password log in this section as well.

My next section is my finance section. This is pretty small. I have a wish list for my family, an online order tracker, and personal income and expenses. Pretty simple.

Thirdly, I have a list section. This is where my master to-dos, master cleaning, movies I want to see, planner inserts to make for my shop, and blank list pages are kept.

Then we get to my calendar or diary section. I use both month on 2 pages, and week on 2 pages to make it through my schedules and those of my family. I write everything down and I use gorgeous little stickers to do it. In this section is also where I keep my habit tracker.

A simple note section follows. I use papers from a few different etsy shops.

My filofax keeps me organized and gives me great pleasure. I enjoy putting paper to pen, even though I am sitting here typing this post. I enjoy writing, I enjoy using different pens and papers. I find something very therapeutic in it somewhere.

This is not a “why should you plan”, or “I have a fab idea you need to try” kind of post. This was just simply a post to show how I organize my world just a little bit. I hope you found it helpful.

This was a very long post already. Stay tuned for a follow up post on what I keep in the nooks and cranny’s of this particular model, and where I purchase some of my most used items.






Hi everyone. Just a short post today.  I am back today to bring you my very first shop review.

I purchased 7 items from Three Paw Co from their $1 matte section. Let me tell you I am thrilled. Their shipping was great. Prices are excellent. AND they are Canadian which I love being a fellow Canuck myself.

The products I purchased were functional stickers. Headers and quarter boxes. A sheet of arrows and a sheet of weather stickers.  The packaging was cute, and the note inside was personal and a very nice touch. They even have a rewards program when you purchase one of their kits, which this time around I did not do.


They are fantastic quality, the size is perfect for travelling or “on the go” planning.  The colour options they list are great. They have a unique ‘wood grain’ finish you can choose from.

I only have 2 complaints.

  1. I wish they had more choices in their $1 section. I find the size of the sheet to be perfect and more variety would be fantastic, although what they presently have is awesome anyway.
  2. I think the colour of the sun on the weather stickers is a wee bit too pale. It makes it hard to see when they are placed on your page.


All in all Three Paws Co is a fantastic Etsy shop and I will definitely being ordering from them again soon.

This was my first shop review and I am very glad I chose to do it on this company. They are absolutely worth checking out.




*** Disclaimer– I purchased all above mentioned items on my own for my personal use. Three Paw Co did not ask for me to post a review. I wanted to share their company with you because I genuinely love their products.

Reasons I am a Planner

Hey guys. Today I am going to post about a topic that isn’t for everyone. Today I am going to discuss planning, and why I do it on a daily basis, and have since I was about 14. This could prove to be a lengthy post for which I apologize in advance. In another post I will detail the particular planner I actually use, but for today I will just tell you my story of why I do it.

As I said I have used one for about 20 ish years. I used one all through high school to keep myself organized and to keep track of things I liked. And let’s be honest here, I just love all things paper!!!

I use a planner for many different reasons. I keep track of my schedule, my kids comings and goings and just life in general. I also have lists, and phone numbers. Anything that I deem important to me at that particular time in my life.

For years I used one just to write or draw in, it had a monthly calendar in it and the rest was different kinds of paper I could create whatever I wanted to on. As the years went on my needs changed. I started a family, working, paying my own bills. I needed something that would help me keep track of all of that, but I also wanted to love it and use it. I tinkered a lot with my set-up and it has changed many times.

On a daily basis, I check my lists, calendar, my budget, or I just write notes or whatever I feel like. I like to go over my supplies, and make it creative. I am not the best at it mind you but I still enjoy every minute of it. I blogged about it in a previous life. I was part of communities devoted to it, and I still am for the most part.

Planning and using my filofax calms my soul. It helps me feel in control of just a little something in a world where everything is so unpredictable and obscure. I take time at night before bed and I use pretty stickers, or colours. I check things off, write new lists and track the events of my day. I record little happenings of my three teenagers and my fiance.

I love being a planner. And I love the communities that are out there for it. It is a unique sort of family. I encourage you to explore the internet and find bloggers, snapchatters, intagrammers and youtubers that have just as much a love for this as I do. You won’t be disappointed.

My next post will be on my planner specifically, so if that is something you are interested in please click the little follow thingy so you can be notified as to when it goes live. I also have a very old youtube channel that I will be resurrecting at some point but feel free to check it out. It is not professional by any means, but it is me. The channel is Storied Stef Creations. I hope you will check it out if you haven’t already. And an Etsy store of the same name just opened up a few days ago. It will be slow going but I am finally doing things I love.



It Really is OK….Who knew….

Hey guys.

So I sat down today to get another blog post underway for you guys, and honestly came to the conclusion that today I “just ain’t feeling it”. I am not sure why. I love to write, any one of my friends could tell you I always have something to say, so why is it that as I sit here typing this I really have zero train of thought and no basic concept of what I want to convey to everyone? And are days like this really acceptable?

We live in a society today where we need intent and purpose and we take the lack of such as failures. Why do we do this? When did it become socially unacceptable to just relax and have a blah day with blah results?

Don’t get me wrong, one of my goals for myself is to live a life with intent and purpose, but in such a way that I learn to live ALL my moments that way. So if I am having a lazy brain day, I am going to own it like a champ, because you know what? It is ok to not be insanely productive all day/every day, and it is ok to have a day where the words don’t flow, and the pencil doesn’t write. The sun will still rise tomorrow, and the world will still turn.




Sometimes when you wish to create something, you have so many ideas and very few beginnings. I have so many thoughts and ideas and concepts for this blog that I truly do not know which to start with. I know that this blog will take time, energy, effort and a patient audience to get up and running. Ah but where to start….

I believe the best place to start is with some goals. Both personal and professional. Personally speaking I feel the need to set some goals for personal growth and happiness. It has been hard at times to maintain both. As with everyone, I have had many ups and downs. And dwelling on the downs gets no one anywhere. So that is my first goal.

  1. Stop dwelling on the downs

I need to stop dwelling on the things that make me sad, or angry. And the things that prevent me from enjoying all I have to be ever so grateful for. I need to remember how to turn negatives into positives, and remember how to find the silver lining when it looks like lightening on the horizon. Which brings me to goal number 2.

2. Keep a gratitude log or journal

I want to keep a record of the things I take for granted. I want to remember that there is so much in this world to be thankful for everyday. I am talking about the small things that generally go unnoticed. Like a ride somewhere, or someone else giving me a small break and making supper for our family. Things that are definitely over looked in my every day life. Tied in to keeping a gratitude log would be my third goal…

3. Being present in life

So this goal seems simple enough, be present in my own life. However it is quite difficult. It is so easy now to be distracted by so many things in life. The kids, the routines, the internet, cell phones, computers, work, housework, the dog, my family, my friends or any short term crisis that may arise. However by dwelling on the bad (are you starting to see a pattern?) I miss out on the beauty around me, and I miss out on enjoying everything that takes place in my life. I miss my kids smiling, or being silly. I miss the dog making weird faces because he just noticed the sprinkler in the neighbours yard. I miss my fiance’s sneaky little smile cuz he was just staring at me and I didn’t notice.

I want to grow in my life and appreciate all that I have around me because I know it won’t be there forever. So these are my three main goals that I am going to work on right now. I will be posting updates and progress reports as I relearn how to be an active participant in my own life.

I hope you will all join me on this journey, and maybe even consider a journey of your own. I would love to hear about it.





Welcome to Storied Stef

Hi, thanks for stopping by my new blog site. Here you will find a whole lot of me. Things that I love such as art, planning, cooking, poetry and just clearing my head. You will also find rants, reviews, and everything in between. I hope you will join me on this ride as I attempt to navigate the world of blogging and finding myself again.

Thanks so much,