It Really is OK….Who knew….

Hey guys.

So I sat down today to get another blog post underway for you guys, and honestly came to the conclusion that today I “just ain’t feeling it”. I am not sure why. I love to write, any one of my friends could tell you I always have something to say, so why is it that as I sit here typing this I really have zero train of thought and no basic concept of what I want to convey to everyone? And are days like this really acceptable?

We live in a society today where we need intent and purpose and we take the lack of such as failures. Why do we do this? When did it become socially unacceptable to just relax and have a blah day with blah results?

Don’t get me wrong, one of my goals for myself is to live a life with intent and purpose, but in such a way that I learn to live ALL my moments that way. So if I am having a lazy brain day, I am going to own it like a champ, because you know what? It is ok to not be insanely productive all day/every day, and it is ok to have a day where the words don’t flow, and the pencil doesn’t write. The sun will still rise tomorrow, and the world will still turn.




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