Reasons I am a Planner

Hey guys. Today I am going to post about a topic that isn’t for everyone. Today I am going to discuss planning, and why I do it on a daily basis, and have since I was about 14. This could prove to be a lengthy post for which I apologize in advance. In another post I will detail the particular planner I actually use, but for today I will just tell you my story of why I do it.

As I said I have used one for about 20 ish years. I used one all through high school to keep myself organized and to keep track of things I liked. And let’s be honest here, I just love all things paper!!!

I use a planner for many different reasons. I keep track of my schedule, my kids comings and goings and just life in general. I also have lists, and phone numbers. Anything that I deem important to me at that particular time in my life.

For years I used one just to write or draw in, it had a monthly calendar in it and the rest was different kinds of paper I could create whatever I wanted to on. As the years went on my needs changed. I started a family, working, paying my own bills. I needed something that would help me keep track of all of that, but I also wanted to love it and use it. I tinkered a lot with my set-up and it has changed many times.

On a daily basis, I check my lists, calendar, my budget, or I just write notes or whatever I feel like. I like to go over my supplies, and make it creative. I am not the best at it mind you but I still enjoy every minute of it. I blogged about it in a previous life. I was part of communities devoted to it, and I still am for the most part.

Planning and using my filofax calms my soul. It helps me feel in control of just a little something in a world where everything is so unpredictable and obscure. I take time at night before bed and I use pretty stickers, or colours. I check things off, write new lists and track the events of my day. I record little happenings of my three teenagers and my fiance.

I love being a planner. And I love the communities that are out there for it. It is a unique sort of family. I encourage you to explore the internet and find bloggers, snapchatters, intagrammers and youtubers that have just as much a love for this as I do. You won’t be disappointed.

My next post will be on my planner specifically, so if that is something you are interested in please click the little follow thingy so you can be notified as to when it goes live. I also have a very old youtube channel that I will be resurrecting at some point but feel free to check it out. It is not professional by any means, but it is me. The channel is Storied Stef Creations. I hope you will check it out if you haven’t already. And an Etsy store of the same name just opened up a few days ago. It will be slow going but I am finally doing things I love.




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