Hi everyone. Just a short post today.  I am back today to bring you my very first shop review.

I purchased 7 items from Three Paw Co from their $1 matte section. Let me tell you I am thrilled. Their shipping was great. Prices are excellent. AND they are Canadian which I love being a fellow Canuck myself.

The products I purchased were functional stickers. Headers and quarter boxes. A sheet of arrows and a sheet of weather stickers.  The packaging was cute, and the note inside was personal and a very nice touch. They even have a rewards program when you purchase one of their kits, which this time around I did not do.


They are fantastic quality, the size is perfect for travelling or “on the go” planning.  The colour options they list are great. They have a unique ‘wood grain’ finish you can choose from.

I only have 2 complaints.

  1. I wish they had more choices in their $1 section. I find the size of the sheet to be perfect and more variety would be fantastic, although what they presently have is awesome anyway.
  2. I think the colour of the sun on the weather stickers is a wee bit too pale. It makes it hard to see when they are placed on your page.


All in all Three Paws Co is a fantastic Etsy shop and I will definitely being ordering from them again soon.

This was my first shop review and I am very glad I chose to do it on this company. They are absolutely worth checking out.




*** Disclaimer– I purchased all above mentioned items on my own for my personal use. Three Paw Co did not ask for me to post a review. I wanted to share their company with you because I genuinely love their products.


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