A Peek Inside my Filofax

Hi guys, welcome back

Today I am going to talk about the actual planner I use on a daily basis.

The planner I am using now is a Filofax Classic Croc in what is called the personal compact size. It is a beautiful blue colour and makes me very happy.


I have been using a planner for many many years. I don’t know why I originally started using one. Probably because I saw my mom with one, but I have always had a addiction to stationary.

This particular planner has many awesome details. It has a full length pocket in the back, two full length pockets on either cover, a gusseted zipper pocket on the left and 7 card slots on the right. It also has 15mm rings to put pages and pages of loveliness in.


Now let’s talk about all the loveliness that is inside mine. We will start with the pages.

Firstly, I have some small list pad paper that I have trimmed and punched to put disposable lists on. By that I mean, any list I do not need to hang on to. Grocery’s, daily tasks, and the likes.


After that is my personal section. Here I have some lovely emails from my fiance, then I have an insert I designed for tracking and listing communications that I need to make. I am really bad at keeping up with phone calls and such. This insert really helps me remember. I have included my gratitude log in this section to. It is a list that I have started to make sure I don’t take my fiance for granted. (More on that another day). I have important work and medical phone numbers as well as a password log in this section as well.

My next section is my finance section. This is pretty small. I have a wish list for my family, an online order tracker, and personal income and expenses. Pretty simple.

Thirdly, I have a list section. This is where my master to-dos, master cleaning, movies I want to see, planner inserts to make for my shop, and blank list pages are kept.

Then we get to my calendar or diary section. I use both month on 2 pages, and week on 2 pages to make it through my schedules and those of my family. I write everything down and I use gorgeous little stickers to do it. In this section is also where I keep my habit tracker.

A simple note section follows. I use papers from a few different etsy shops.

My filofax keeps me organized and gives me great pleasure. I enjoy putting paper to pen, even though I am sitting here typing this post. I enjoy writing, I enjoy using different pens and papers. I find something very therapeutic in it somewhere.

This is not a “why should you plan”, or “I have a fab idea you need to try” kind of post. This was just simply a post to show how I organize my world just a little bit. I hope you found it helpful.

This was a very long post already. Stay tuned for a follow up post on what I keep in the nooks and cranny’s of this particular model, and where I purchase some of my most used items.





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